Schedule of Events

Proposed Schedule of Events

  1. Tungipara Visit & the Inauguration of the program

Faculty members from all the Departments participate in the program to pay tribute to the Father of the Nation.
Faculty visit and inauguration: February 02, 2020.

2. Museum visits

GED Department, through the course titled “Emergence of Bangladesh” would arrange student visits to the following museums: Bangabandhu Memorial Museum, The museum of Independence,  Liberation War Museum and Bangladesh National Museum
One visit every semester starting from Spring 2020. Visits on Thursday/ Saturday

3. স্মারকগ্রন্থ/ Commemorative volume (articles- 1000- 1500 words- a total of 150 words max)

CFP to be composed by Dr. Sohana Manzoor by the end of November, 2019.
Selected authors (from ULAB) should be invited to contribute to the bilingual book.

Editors: Prof. Shamsad Mortuza (English) and Prof. Shahnaj Husne Jahan  (Bengali)
Launching: 17 March 2021

4. Lecture Series

Each of the following departments should arrange seminars on Bangabandhu: GED, DEH, MSJ, USB
The mentioned departments will the lecture series. The four departments will organize a total of 6 lectures in one year.

5. Book Fair (three sets of well-known publishers should be invited for three book fairs)

Three book fairs should be arranged through the 1-year time. The book fairs and the lecture series could be arranged simultaneously

i. A three-day long book fair on Bangabandhu and Liberation War- 17-19 March.
ii. A two-day long book fair on Bangabandhu, Bangladesh – 16-17 August.
iii. A two-day long book fair commemorating the Martyred Intellectuals Day, Victory Day and Bangabandhu- 17-18 December, 2020.

6. Photography Exhibition

Could be arranged by the Art & Photography club, MSJ photography course students and ULAB library.
Film/ documentary show on the Liberation War and Bangabandhu
Film club will arrange two film shows per semester.

7. Essay Competition

Conducted and judged by Prof. Tapati Rani Sarkar, Ms. Nadia Rahman and Abanti Harun.
1 competition per semester.
Best essays will be selected for a special volume.

8. Cultural program competition

Sanskriti Shangsad organize singing & poetry recitation competitions and dance drama.
To be organized with the regular university activities
Discussions by students
MUN style discussions where the students will be required to do research on the life of Bangabandhu and discuss. Focus will be on Bangabandhu’s life, politics, Liberation War, foreign policy, etc.
1 in Summer 2020

9. Online webpage making

Paper Canoe will help with the online webpage where the best student papers will be displayed

10. Bangabandhu Corner at the Library

Already arranged

11. Tree planting program

Tree planting program at the Permanent Campus at Mohammadpur

12. Documentation

Requires two assistants (students will be employed for research and other help)